Sandjet Systems

The objective of a sandjet system is to enable removal of sand that has deposited in a vessel.  A sandjet system comprises of multiple headers fitted with fluidization nozzles and transportation nozzles. Pressurised water is used to fluidize the sand and transport the sand towards the sand-cover and drain nozzles located along the bottom of the vessel shell with sand cover being is installed over the sand drain nozzles. The fluidisation nozzles fluidize the sand and the transportation nozzles jet the sand through the openings into the sand cover. The sand cover prevents disturbance of the liquid levels caused by suction from the sand drain nozzles.

The positioning and angle of the headers and nozzles is crucial in order to ensure all the sand is fluidized, whilst at the same time preventing erosion of the vessel shell. AMACS takes these considerations on board in the sandjet system design for each vessel.

Although more commonly seen in horizontal vessel design, sandjet systems can be employed in vertical vessel as well.

AMACS Sand Jet System Product Sheet