Feed Inlet Devices MT

Accuflow™ Inlet Diffuser

Accuflow™ Inlet Diffuser is a vane-type feed inlet device placed at a distillation column nozzle for process streams with 1-phase (vapor only) or 2-phase (vapor/liquid). Primarily it reduces the momentum of incoming stream while assuring improved and more uniform gas distribution across the vessel cross-section area, and subsequently to tray and packing above.

AMACS Accuflow™ Inlet Diffuser

Pipe Inlet Diffusers

The perforated, or half-pipe configuration, of a pipe inlet diffuser is used to uniformly distribute a vapor feed to the tray or packed bed above. This device may be a straight pipe, a H-type feed pipe or a lateral pipe.



Vapor Horn 

The Vapor Horn or Hood is another device commonly used in crude vacuum towers to provide initial vapor distribution to the bottom of a packed bed.  It is an annular device that wraps around the column wall with an opening on the bottom but closed on the top and side.  This configuration provides a mechanism for the vapor and liquid to disengage as it swirls around the column, allowing the liquid drain to the bottom of the column and the vapor to escape under the sidewall so it can head up the column.



A V-Baffle diffuser is often used in smaller packed and trayed columns. It is an impingement device that divides a mixed phase feed evenly and directs it around the column shell for excellent momentum dissipation and vapor/liquid separation.