AMACS is dedicated to continued growth with product innovation and optimization. We invest heavily in R&D, not only in product development, but also in expanding our plant manufacturing facilities and equipment.

Our research programs are focused on innovations and product improvements conducted with aqueous and chemical standard systems at pilot and industrial scale equipment.  The experimental results allow us to improve our correlations used for designing the equipment for chemicals, refining, biofuels and oil & gas applications.

Hydraulics and Efficiency

Our testing programs have significantly extended from in house preliminary hydraulic testing with air/water to independent testing with real fluids. We will continue these efforts to ensure our solutions (equipment) are backed by qualified test data. AMACS’ independent testing confirms current design methods and allows us to process intensify our offerings for revamp in critical applications.

We have an in house lab to conduct  preliminary hydraulic checks of various internals including but not limited to Mist Eliminators, Trays, Packing, Liquid Distributors etc. In addition, we have partnered with labs/universities domestically and globally to take the testing to the next level. Also, AMACS is an active member of various JIP's (Joint Industry Program) and consortiums which allows us to test our new and existing products.

Design and Mechanical

Mechanical design is an integral part of new product development and/or enhancing existing technologies. Every concept needs to be mechanically evaluated from a strength perspective, ease of fabrication and material optimization.

Here at AMACS our team of experienced mechanical engineers utilize latest software to perform various simulations. This is followed by fabrication of sample test piece which is then physically tested. The results are analyzed and deemed successful only after approval from all disciplines.

AMACS mechanical engineering team does a thorough mechanical check for all aspects of a new design and/or enhancement of an existing design, to make sure the supplied internals will comply with all critical requirements based on standard industry specifications.

Examples of some tests are below:

  • FEA Analysis
  • Load Test
  • Non Destructive Examinations (NDE)

Mesh Compression Test





Load Test Plate Pack Coalescer