High Performance Trays

SEMV™ Trays

SEMV stands for Scalloped Edge Mini Valve and is our patented high-capacity mini valve trays.  The scalloped edge feature splits the vapor into multiple smaller streams which enhances vapor/liquid contact and reduces entrainment and pressure drop.  The valves can be fabricated as either fixed or float valves, depending on what is required for the application.

SEMV™ Trays are typically rectangular in shape but can be partnered with serrated v-shaped valves (also called push valves, or directional valves).  The push valves allow the tray designer to create a plug flow of liquid across the tray, eliminating dead zones on the tray, and improves tray efficiency.  SEMV™ trays can also be designed to incorporate truncated downcomers which increase the active area of a tray deck for additional vapor handling capacity.

AMACS Tray Brochure