Reactor Internals

AMACS has a strategic alliance with a major process licensor for their reactor technology.  With total design and manufacturing capability under one roof, AMACS brings its world-class capabilities to the table to meet the partner’s stringent quality control and fabrication tolerance requirements.  Our engineers worked very close with this major process licensor to bring their concept to a commercial reality.

In addition, our capabilities extend to mechanical design of the reactor internals, to critical non-destructive testing, to maintaining structural integrity under demanding process conditions and to successful execution through skillful project management.

Each stage of reactor internal manufacture is recorded and controlled by strict quality assurance guidelines to meet or exceed our customer’s requirements.  Also, as a major manufacturer of profile wire screen products, we build outlet collectors, catalyst bed supports and other profile wire components to customer specification from bare wire to finished product in-house.

Typical scope of supply based on different licensing technologies are as follows:

  • Co-Current Gas/Liquid Distributors
  • Proprietary Structured Packing
  • Catalyst Support Grids
  • Major Catalyst Support Beams
  • Quench/Mixing Trays
  • Outlet Collectors