Flat / Curved Screens

AMACS wedge wire screens are cylindrical at the beginning of fabrication but very often modified to be flat or curved in shape depending on customer requirements.  These types of screens are made to a specific length, width, or even radial dimension.  Our curved screens (also known as sieve bends) are well matched to the requirements of high capacity filtration.  These screens are self-cleaning, durable, and reusable.  The curved screen with wedge wire perpendicular to the flow direction allows water to drop through the screen and be collected as wastewater while the angle and flow allow the solids (or branches) to slide over the screen.  These products are effective in wastewater treatments, dewatering systems, and other applications.  Flat screen panels are used in similar applications but also in shakers and for sewage separation systems.

AMACS Wedge Wire Brochure