CFD is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses computerized numerical method to analyze and solve equations related to single phase and multiphase fluid flows.

With the advancement in computing, CFD has been vastly used as a prominent tool for design verification and analysis of existing design in both phase separation and mass transfer industry.

In today’s era of higher expectation, achieving higher benefits require better understanding and knowledge. CFD evaluation helps in attaining them by providing visual insight of fluid flow behavior within the separator and across the internals, to either validate the proposed design or make to necessary changes to develop a suitable solution.

Though majority of the interest with CFD revolves around distribution across internals, it provides additional information which are key for the performance of the separator:

  • Velocity across the separator/scrubber: checking for the effectives of gravity separation.
  • Turbulence dissipation rates: checking for further droplet shattering.
  • Velocities on surface: checking for potential of liquid re-entrainment.
  • Droplet behavior and tracking.
  • Effect of liquid sloshing inside a separator on floating platform.


AMACS has been using CFD as one of the key tools not only for design verification and optimization, but also for product development as it helps brings concepts close to reality

  • Troubleshooting designs to determine root cause of failure.
  • Design optimization.
  • Verifying/Validating revamps and retrofit design.
  • Eliminates guess work (of even distribution assumption) and provides basis for design.
  • Provide load inputs and pressure variation for accurate mechanical/structural evaluation.


AMACS works very closely with industry experts for its CFD needs and the results are analyzed together in conjunction with AMACS engineers. Using a third party provides AMACS customer with an unbiased third part result.

Gas Velocities Over Liquid Level


 Gas Velocities at Various Cross-Section in Gravity Section of Gas Phase


Droplet Tracking for Water Droplets