Inlet / Outlet Baskets

Wedge wire baskets are cylindrical shaped screens used to prevent solids from migrating out of the vessel through a nozzle.  Baskets can attach to the vessel by welding them to the vessel heads, bolting the basket to tower attachments, or matching with a flanged projection.  The basket diameter and length are designed properly to ensure the basket has more open area than the nozzle and thus not add any significant pressure drop to the system.  AMACS has the capability to perform calculations to ensure each basket will withstand the provided design load and guarantee the mechanical integrity.

Wedge wire hub laterals are excellent collectors and serve the same purposes as an outlet basket.  Most commonly, screen laterals are provided with a solid cap on one end and threaded pipe connection on the opposite end.  They are ideal for larger diameter vessels where uniform liquid distribution through the media across the vessel diameter is important.  Hub laterals may have multiple tiers of wedge wire screen laterals.

AMACS Wedge Wire Laterals Product Sheet

AMACS Wedge Wire Brochure