Maxswirl® Demisting Cyclone

AMACS’ MAXSWIRL® Demisting Cyclone is a high-capacity, high-efficiency mist elimination device which uses centrifugal forces to provide state-of-the-art separation performance.  The cyclones can be used to debottleneck/retrofit existing equipment or reduce the vessel size for new designs.  This device is capable of handling high vapor and liquid loads while minimizing liquid carryover.

The MAXSWIRL® Demisting Cyclone tubes consist of a fixed swirl element which applies centrifugal force on vapor and mist to separate liquid from the gas flow.  Vapor with entrained liquid enters the cyclone tubes axially and the resulting centrifugal motion created due to the swirl element forces liquid droplets outwards where they create a liquid film on the tube inner wall.  The liquid film is eventually pushed out of the tube through slits/openings.  This liquid then enters and is collected in the cyclone box and eventually drained to the bottom of the vessel.  Dry gas exists at the top (downstream) of the cyclone.

The device is a robust, welded box design with fixed elements that do not require maintenance.  Our demisting cyclones can be installed in both horizontal and vertical vessels for many applications.  The MAXSWIRL® Demisting Cyclones have been tested and performed effectively in high pressure systems with a large range of vapor and liquid rates.  Due to its high capacity and efficiency, this device can provide optimized solutions for new build vessel designs and troubleshoot existing operation problems/retrofit projects.

MAXSWIRL® Demisting Cyclones are typically partnered with an Accuflow™ Inlet Diffuser and a mesh or vane agglomerator.  The Accuflow™ Inlet Diffuser (vane-type inlet device) reduces the momentum of the incoming fluid and provides bulk vapor/liquid separation without shattering liquid droplets into smaller micron sizes.  In addition, the diffuser distributes the vapor uniformly across the vessel cross-section which is key for most separation internals.  The mesh or vane agglomerator can also provide bulk vapor/liquid separation but most importantly coalesce smaller droplets to larger sizes to be easily separated by downstream cyclones.  Another benefit is the agglomerator will act as a polishing mist eliminator during turndown conditions due to the lower vapor velocity.

Typical Industries & Applications:

  • Oil & gas upstream, midstream, downstream
  • High pressure services
  • Retrofit/troubleshooting
  • Revamp projects


  • High capacity and separation efficiency
  • Less sensitive to gas maldistribution
  • Robust, welded design
  • Handles large amount of vapor/liquid compared to mesh or vane mist eliminators
  • Reduces new vessel diameters


AMACS MAXSWIRL® Demisting Cyclone Product Sheet

MAXSWIRL® Demisting Cyclone Case Study