No Weld Solutions (Retrofits)

Retrofitting or revamping an existing vessel can be a costly undertaking as the internals are typically engineering intensive, and installation of a traditional welded approach is usually more expensive than the internals themselves.

Retrofitting or revamping is almost always associated with requiring welding new support rings, beams, clips and other structures to the vessel wall. Most vessels are ASME code certified. Thus, after welding to the vessel wall, the welded area must be heat-treated and the vessel must be recertified. This all costs time and labor and hence it is generally desirable to avoid this cumbersome procedure.

Modification can be due to multiple reasons, including by not limited to unsatisfactory performance, increase in throughput, change in feed composition, mechanical damage due to upset conditions.

Fortunately, AMACS has been engineering and fabricating weld-less solutions for retrofits and upgrades for decades from simple expansion rings to complex support structures.

Retrofitting a vessel which previously had no internals (or supports) requires clever use of geometry and existing structures, as well as both conventional and proprietary internals and designs.

AMACS has provided retrofit solution from small to large diameter and for all kind of internals along with mechanical analysis of existing attachments which supports new “no-weld” structural supports.