Industries Served


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» Refining

The U.S. petroleum industry refines 97% of the nation’s transportation fuels…

» Petrochemical

We specialize in trays and hardware for quick replacements during unit turnarounds or unplanned outages.

» Gas Processing

Process internals manufactured by AMACS are widely used within gas processing and power industries.


» Biofuels

As energy demand are expected to double by 2030, biofuels are increasingly viewed as a viable alternative to conventional oil and gas supplies.


» Waste Water

AMACS holds two U.S. patents for the design and manufacturing of complete coalescing process equipment for oil spill clean up…


» Water Well

We engineer AMACS products to optimize strength, precision and flexibility in the field.


» Energy and Exploration

Onshore and offshore natural gas wells use vane, mesh-vane and conventional meshpad units in their production processes.

» Other Industries

AMACS proudly serves Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Food & Beverage and Pulp & Paper industries.