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Offshore production platforms and liquid and gas three-phase heater-treaters commonly use AMACS products. Inside common two and three phase separators AMACS provides the vital process internals for separating oil from produced water by coalescing and removing free liquid from the natural gas vapor streams.

Both onshore and offshore natural gas wells use vane, mesh-vane and conventional meshpad units throughout the production processes. These operations frequently include:

  • The removal of liquids from expander inlet and outlets
  • The removal of liquids from compressor inlets
  • Interstage discharge vapor streams


Mist eliminators are essential to the operation of glycol dehydrators and Amine desulphurization units normally located at larger well production facilities. AMACS has designed special high efficiency co-knitted mesh products to drastically reduce the loss of glycol and amines in these operations, potentially saving energy companies hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in solvent losses.

High volume operations in natural gas production also benefit from the use of AMACS mesh-vane assemblies. These provide high efficiency and high capacity within a minimum space and process vessel diameter. Mesh-vane units provide the lowest cost capital expenditure, with the lowest liquid carryover rate of any type scrubber internal on the market today.

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Glycol Dehydrators

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Amine Desulphurization

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CO2 Removal

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Two/Three Phase Separators

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Sand Filtration

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