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Distillation Columns of the Future

Date: 07/31/21 | Author: AMACS Process Tower Internals | Category: Distillation, Tower Internals |

No one ever knows what will happen in the future. However, that does not discourage us from attempting to prepare for what is to come. Distillation columns are an important part of many operations and refineries. We will help you get a sense of what is to come by sharing the distillation columns of the future.

Refining of the Future

The purpose of your distillation column in likely to change in the coming year. Crude oil refining has grown leaps and bounds in just the last decade or two. Changes in price, changes in type of oil refined – such as extra heavy oil and tar sand bitumen – as well as changes in demand are sure to come. Trends are likely to arise and fall away based on unseen challenges such as the COVID pandemic, which decreased the need for traditional gasoline and jet fuel. As explained by Deloitte Insights, gasoline demand is expected to rise faster than that of jet fuel. As a result, it is important for distillation columns to be more versatile and efficient than ever in order to meet these changing demands.

Distillation Column Devices

As the needs of the industry changes, the interior and devices used by columns will change as well. One such device expected to grow and change is the feed inlet device. This device is responsible for a number of tasks in the column such as absorbing, scrubbing, stripping, evaporating, and many others. These devices have evolved over time and are most likely to continue to over the years. The AccuFlow™ Inlet Feed Device is one such example. It is designed to correct flow imbalances and removes liquids and solids to evenly distribute flow over the downstream separator. It is great for applications that involve reboiler returns or flashing feeds, and the AccuFlow™ can improve the operation of many distillation columns.

Distillation Column Trays

We at AMACS know how important trays are in the distillation process. A few of the advancements in this tech over the last years includes:

  • Centrifugal aids
  • Multiple downcomer tray options
  • Truncated downcomer trays
  • Non-chordal and umbrella downcomers
  • Fixed and movable mini valves
  • Push valves
  • Fast installation and fouling resistant designs.

We expect these trends to continue in ways that improve the output of the entire column and allow for more efficiency.

Advanced Tech in Distillation Columns

Smart tech in refineries is becoming more and more common place. These devices have capabilities that range from autonomous operation to leak and emission detection. The smart tower of the future should continue in these trends and offer devices to keep detailed records of everything from time and amount of feedstock entry to completion time and resulting product.

AMACS is a leader in the best technologies in packing, trays, and all sorts of items for distillation columns. We offer the latest in devices, know how, and will do so for the foreseeable future in all sorts of applications for various industries. Contact us if you need our help to choosing the right distillation column items for your processes.