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Top Cost-Effective Turnaround Practices

Date: 09/18/17 | Author: AMACS Process Tower Internals | Category: Blog, Emergency Shutdowns, Turnarounds |

In a previous blog we discussed Planning for Turnaround Success. Below is a brief recap of some of the top cost-effective turnaround practices and how you can integrate them into your operation.

  1. Develop a Detailed Scope of Work

Technology has influenced how plants plan and schedule their turnarounds. Gone are the days of having to rely solely on someone’s memory or hand-written documents from years past. There are several different software programs that have been created to aid in the planning and tracking of turnaround activities. No matter what planning method you use, establishing a detailed work scope is essential.

The scope can include, but is not limited to, general items such as:

  • Equipment, Vessels, Drums etc. to be inspected
  • Tools or contractors needed to perform the inspection
  • Material/equipment needed to repair or replace parts
  • Required permits to perform work
  • Budget for supplies, tools, contractors, etc.
  • Person or persons responsible for each task
  • Scheduled timeline for each task

Unplanned emergency issues can arise during this process such as the discovery of:

  • Structured packing or trays that are damaged
  • Missing hardware and valves on tray decks
  • Plugged mesh pads
  1. Minimize Risk

Understanding and mitigating risks to personnel, schedule, and cost is essential. Minimize this risk by coming to a consensus on project needs well in advance of the turnaround. Getting all necessary personnel involved early in the turnaround planning process can eliminate the need for having to pay large expediting fees for rush deliveries and can help reduce potential delays waiting for material to be delivered.

  1. Act Quickly and Competently

Dealing with unplanned issues is synonymous with turnarounds. It is essential to identify the root of the problem, document the cause and establish the best path forward, before acting. Be willing to look at all options. The OEM might not always be the best solution. Research and choose the best people to carry out the right solution.

AMACS understands the critical nature of turnarounds. We have the experience and expertise to provide replacement in kind equipment or produce the most advanced engineered products. Contact our turnaround team 24/7 to discuss how we can assist with all of your tower internal needs.